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Membership Rates

Our member contributions are structured according to turnover. Member fees are paid annually on 1 October and are reviewed each year on 30 September. Should the committee feel it is correct and necessary, rates increase annually in line with government published average inflation figures.

Band A: Less than £1million. Membership rate: £853.52 +vat
Band B: £1million - £2.5million. Membership rate: £1705.72 +vat
Band C: £2.5million - £9.9million. Membership rate: £2559.10 +vat
Band D: £10million and over. Membership rate: £3411.79 +vat

New Non-Assured Members
As a new non-assured member working towards full accreditation, you are entitled to the following discount on your membership fees:
Year 1: 60%
Year 2: 30%

LOtC Quality Badge Administration Fee
This is included in your membership fee

Auditor Fees
Remote audit: £350 +vat
Optional sampling: £385 +vat



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